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Vision Afrika Sacco(VAS), formerly known as Gilgil Traders Sacco will in January 2023, start construction of a 5-storey Vision Afrika Plaza in Barnabas area that will house its head offices andvarious businesses.

On Saturday evening, the Sacco held a fruitful investors conference at Kunste Hotel, where members and potential clients were invited to be shareholders of the Ksh.120 million building.

Investors Conference in Kunste Hotel

The Sacco’s operations Manager Gibson Terer, said the plaza’s shareholding has three classifications: Gold will cost Ksh.100,000; Silver 50,000; while Bronze goes at Ksh.10,000.

To pay and register for the shares, clients can visit any of their four branches in Gilgil,Naivasha,Nakuru and Molo before 31st December 2022, ahead of construction works set to begin in January 2023.

” This Sacco was started by young entrepreneurs in Gilgil and is fast growing due to its vision and unique services offered. We welcome you to invest with us in this magnificent plaza to come up along Nakuru-Nairobi Highway,” he said

A section of Board Members

The VAS started in the year 2004 as Gilgil Traders Sacco but was rebranded in the year 2010, to VAS, and its head offices moved to Nakuru town in 2013, to accommodate members from outside Gilgil.

The the Sacco headquartered in Rajdeep House Opposite Generation House, Along Kenyatta Avenue, prides in a fast-growing number of membership that now stands at 23,000 drawn from all its four branches.

In Gilgil, they are found in Imani house, in Naivasha next to Diplomat House, and in Molo at Generation House,Opposite Kamusi Plaza.

Marketing Manager Jane Mbinya

They have been licensed by Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA, the Sacco’s’ regulator to offer banking services.

Vision Afrika envisions to be a leading SACCO in providing sustainable financial services and products in Africa while their mission is to provide diversified and accessible financial products, which are customer focused to empower members economically and grow our membership.

According to Jane Mbinya, the marketing manager, they process salary at Ksh. 50 while annual dividends is given at Ksh. 12 percent of the total savings.

Members of the sacco

“We also have members in Dubai, Australia and even USA who saves with us, as well as taking loans. This is a clear indication that our services are widely embraced and we are taking roots to all over the world,’ Ms. Mbinya said

She however, added that the majority of their members range from farmers, traders and professionals from both rural and urban areas across the county and its environs.

Hiram Macharia, CEO

During the conference, several members whose lives have been transformed by the power of pulling resources together, shared how their lives have been completely transformed by the Sacco.

The Sacco’s CEO Hiram Macharia appealed to individual Kenyans, groups and institutions to take advantage of their products and services that are designed to ease their burdens and fasten their economic growth through investment opportunities.


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