1. Dairy Enterprise Loan

-Maximum repayment period 48 months.
-Animal insurance a must in purchase of daily cow.
-Loan securities include logbooks, title deed and chattels.

2. Mazao Bora Loan

-Maximum repayments period 6 months
-applies to all parties involved in the Horticulture value chain.
-Loan securities include logbook, title deed and chattels.

3. Mazigira Bora Loan

-Loan can be Offered as an add-on product to new applicants and existing borrowers.
-Maximum repayment period 3 years.
-Loan security include logbook, title deed and chattels

4. Kilimo Biashara Loan
-This offered to those Farmers dealing with long term agriculture products, e.g. planting of maize, growing of fruits like avocado farmers etc. and all those involved in the product value chain.
-Maximum repayment period 48 months.
-Loan security include logbook, title deed and chattels.

5. Pamoja Loan

-This a loan offered to co-operatives, institutions and companies.
-Maximum repayment period 60 months.
-Loan security logbook/title deed.
-A must the company to have patronized VAS Fosa savings for minimum period of 2 months.
-Current minutes of the board agreeing the purchase of the Loan should be provided.
-Financial documents of the institution for the last 6 months.
-KRA pin of the organization should be provided.
-And an M.O.U should be signed between the Sacco and the organization on the modalities of payment of the Loan commissioned by the Sacco advocate.
-Certificate of registration of the organization a must..


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