Savings account

 members can access the following saving services

Ordinary savings account


  • No account maintenance fees
  • Earning can be channeled through the account such as salaries dividends and crop process
  • Members can transact as many times in a day
  • Vision Afrika cheque-book provided
  • ATM
  • Mobile banking facilities

TOTO Junior saving account


  •  enable you to save for your child’s future
  •  no account maintenance fees
  •  attractive interest rate
  •  withdrawable three times a year


  •  original and photocopy of parents ID card
  •  birth certificate birth notification card of the child

 Holiday account

  •  no account maintenance fees
  •  designed for festivities and holidays
  •  attractive interest rates
  •  withdrawable twice a year

 fixed deposit account

 Fix your money as little as KShs 3,000 and and and interest of between 8% and 10%


  • Minimum deposit KShs. 3,000
  •  minimum. 3 months
  •  interest rate is on graduating scale
  •  contract honoured after maturity

Group savings account


  • Introduction letter in a case of churches
  •  minutes in a case of institutions or welfare groups
  •  certificate of registration in case of institutions
  •  designated to cater for joint account and group welfare account





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