Karibu Sacco Loan

  • This loan is granted to members after 3 months
  •  maximum amount 50000. maximum amount 50000
  •  repayment. is 12 months


 Prime Fosa loan

  • Maximum saving. 3 months
  •  repayment. 48 months
  •  granted to members patronizing Fosa services
  • Interest on reducing balance


Emergency loan

  •  granted to members to sort agent needs
  •  maximum amount shall be 100,000
  •  repayment. is 12 months
  •  evidence of emergency document
  •  1 guarantor required


Kikundi Loan

  •  granted to organised and register groups
  •  minimum membership of eight members
  •  repayment. 48 months
  •  loan security includes logbook and title deed


Asset Financing

(Pikipiki Loan, Vehicle loan, Tuktuk Loan & Shamba Loan)

  • Witnessed by a sacco member
  •  repayment period of 48 months
  •  the logbook registered in the joint name of the sacco and member
  •  title to be charged to Vision Afrika


School fees / college loan

  •  granted to cater for college and school fees
  •  the loans are fully guaranteed by deposit
  •  school fees structure is attached as a requirement
  •  repayment period of 12 months


Landlord loan / Mjengo loan

  • Attractive interest rate
  •  periods-maximum of 72 months
  •  Grace period-6 months
  •  security-title deed of the plot to be developed
  •  affidavit for rent income to come through our Fosa account in case of rental development
  • Minimum loan of 1 million

Tujijenge Loan (Group Loan)

  • Made four doors in groups to call guarantee one another
  •  minimum membership eight members
  •  loan security includes log book, title deed and group savings




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